SecureSend: Receiving Files as a Registered External User

SecureSend is a file sharing service which allows you to securely send large files. External users/non-Princeton recipients will need to register for a SecureSend account by using the “Access message” invitation link before logging in to the service for the first time. When an external user receives a secure file(s) using Princeton University's SecureSend service, the recipient will receive an email indicating that the file(s) is available. Please note that SecureSend files are available for 7 days, after which they will automatically expire.


For additional information on SecureSend, please see the following knowledge base article: KB0012407


How to access files sent via SecureSend


  1. Open the email then click Access message 

  2. If you are not logged into the SecureSend portal, then you will be prompted to log in. Here are the instructions on how to log in to SecureSend: KB0012409

  3. If you are already logged into the SecureSend portal, then you will be redirected to the portal with the sent message and file(s)

  4. Select the file(s) located within the message underneath the Name column, in the bottom left of the page
  5. Alternatively, click the Shared with me link, in the far left navigation menu