Resolve a Match Exception

Match Exception Process Overview

Matching is the process of comparing invoices (AP vouchers), Purchase Orders (POs), and (in certain cases) receipts, to ensure you pay for only the goods and services ordered and received.

A match exception is a discrepancy between a PO, invoice/AP voucher, and/or receipt. Typically, this happens because of an amount or quantity difference or because an invoice has been received but the delivery of the goods or services has not been confirmed in Prime Financials via Receiving. Match exceptions are identified by a match rule ID.

A full list of match exception rules and solutions is available on the Match Exceptions Issues and Solutions Reference Guide.

Identify a Match Exception

There are four ways in which to identify a match exception:

  1. Buyer on the PO will receive a match exception email, if one or more exists,

Note: Match Exception emails are sent on Tuesday and Friday of each week.  This email will list a summary of all active match exceptions for the specific user.

  1. Procurement WorkCenter on the Prime Portal > POs with Match Exceptions tile.
  2. Run Payables Summary or Payables Detail report in the Prime Financial Information Warehouse.
  3. Navigate to Match Workbench or Document Status within Prime Financials.

Impact of a Match Exception

There are a number of negative implications of match exceptions, requiring them to be resolved in a timely manner:

Resolve a Match Exception

There are four issues that can cause a match exception:

1. Receipt of item(s) is not acknowledged in Prime Financials.

 2. PO has insufficient funds for current invoice

3. Amount received does not match amount on invoice

4. PO quantity does not agree with the invoice

After appropriate actions have been taken by the Req Creator, Procurement, and/or Accounts Payable to address a match exception, it will be cleared from the next match exception email, within the Procurement WorkCenter, and all Prime Financials reports (reports update overnight and may not reflect cleared match exceptions immediately).

Submit a PO Change Request

Review the step-by-step instructions for changing an existing requisition after a PO has been generated by visiting Create a PO Change Request.

In certain situations, a PO change request cannot be completed by a Req Creator and must be done through Procurement (PO Change Order). These scenarios include:

Please submit the change order to Procurement Services or enter a change order through the buying and paying general inquiry form. Before submitting the change order to Procurement, please note that Procurement is unable to update PO line(s) if they have a receipt attached or voucher applied. If this is the case, please delete the receipt or send a request to Procurement Services to delete the voucher, prior to sending your change order to Procurement.

Tips to Minimize Match Exceptions

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