Archive Zoom Recordings

Navigate to your Princeton Zoom Account Recordings

Your Zoom recordings are stored in your Zoom web account under Cloud recordings. 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Princeton netID and password
  3. Your Cloud Recordings will display.

    Zoom Cloud Recordings screen

Manage Cloud Recordings

Your Cloud Recordings list defaults to chronologically sorted by the most recent date.

Zoom Recordings Sort by Date

  1. Within the date selection area, select the date range to match your criteria.
  2. Select search.
  3. Results will display below the filter. If you have a large number of recordings, there may be multiple pages.

Download Zoom Recordings

There are two methods to download recordings

Download from the Viewing page of a recording

Navigate through your recordings and preview them.

On the viewing page, click Download.
Download Recording button

Download from the Search page

Click the button with the three dots on the far right and select download
Download from Search

Locally Archiving (User downloads and manages the recordings on their own devices and storage spaces).