Canvas Technical: How to Manually Combine Courses in Canvas Using the Cross-listing Functionality

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This document provides step-by-step instructions for manually cross-listing courses in Canvas. 

Historical Background: When courses are built, sometimes an Instructor desires to combine their course sites into a single, unified site.  When we receive a request to combine, we we use the Cross-listing functionality. After Cross-Listing courses, you must edit the Course Code to include all Course ID's so the Photo Roster functions properly.  If you do not, only the Parent courses student photos display. Note: Librarians will need to confirm the Course ID displayed within the Canvas course (top-left of Course Home Page) which is different from the SIS ID they see in Canvas when searching for a course.  (Example: Instructor requests eReserves for WRI175_S2020 and that course is cross-listed with WRI176_S2020.  This means the Course ID is WRI175-WRI176_S2020.)  This must match the ARES Course. If the Course ID does not match with the ARES Course ID, eReserves will not work.

Before Proceeding

  1. Ask the instructor which course will be the "main" or "parent" course (the course they will be using). 
  2. If there is data in the "child" course, that data will be deleted upon cross-listing. Notify the Instructor if so. 
  3. Check the "child" course to make sure it is empty. 
  4. By default, students in cross-listed courses can not interact with each other.  This functionality effects the ability of students in different sections to view student whom are not in their section in People as well as the Inbox. 
  5. If an Instructor desires the students to be able to interact with each other, notify Kim to make the adjustment.

    *Important:  Only courses with one section each can be manually combined via the steps above.

To manually Cross-List a course in Canvas:

  1. Navigate to the "parent" course (the course the Instructor will be using)
  2. Click Home in Course Navigation
  3. Copy the Course ID from the URL (number only)
  4. Navigate to the "child" course
  5. Click on the course/section name link

    Course Section Window

  6. Click the Cross-List this Section button.
    Cross-List Section Button

  7. Paste or enter the Course ID from the "parent" course
  8. Click somewhere in the window which will activate the Cross-List This Section button

    Cross-List Window

  9. The courses will now be cross-listed. 
    The "child" course is no longer accessible to the Instructor.

Editing the Course Code:

  1. Navigate to the parent course (main course)
  2. Click Settings
  3. Edit the Course Code Field to include the child (children) courses

    Example: WRI183_S2020 is cross-listed with WRI184_S2020.  Edit the Course Code changing it from WRI183_S2020 to WRI183-WRI184_S2020