Travel and Expense (T&E) Basics

Princeton Travel & Expense

Princeton's Travel and Expense Program is designed to support safety, service, and savings for University travelers. The program comprises a suite of tools and services that together aim to:

 Among these tools and services are Concur Travel, an online travel booking and expense management tool, a team of Princeton travel agents at World Travel, and the University's credit card programs.

 Booking through the University's travel program ensures you can be supported by the University and/or our team of travel agents should difficulties arise during your trip.

World Travel

The University’s travel agency is World Travel Inc., and provides travel booking services to faculty, staff, student groups, and University guests.

How to contact World Travel

World Travel Inc. has provided travel consultants dedicated full time to supporting Princeton travel; they can be reached by phone at (888) 530-4087 Monday through Friday, 8am - 6pm ET or email:

After-hours support for emergency travel needs

Emergency service agents are available outside of business hours at (888) 530-4087 if calling from the U.S or (484) 722-6215 internationally.

Service fees

Concur Travel

Concur is an on-line booking tool available 24/7. It allows access to Princeton’s negotiated rates, provides visibility into unused air tickets for tracking and cost recovery, supports compliance with the Fly America Act and travel policies, and maintains an online profile to store your frequent flyer numbers and other travel preferences.

Maintain Personal Information in Concur

From the Profile tab, click Personal Information. Ensure that your first, middle, and last name are identical to those on the photo identification that you will be presenting at the airport. NOTE: Disabled (grey) fields cannot be changed in Concur. Changes must be made through HR Self-Service. Contact the Financial Service Center for assistance.

Verify your email address

Verifying your email address means that you or your expense delegates can email receipts to Concur and they will be uploaded to your available receipts gallery.

Add or correct your mobile device

In the event that a safety risk exists for the location of your travel, the University may need to contact you via text message. It is essential that all Concur users follow the steps below to add a mobile phone number to their profiles.

Important: Before clicking the “Save” button, click “OK” at the bottom of the mobile device section. You may have to scroll down in the mobile devices section before OK is visible.

Set Up Default Preferences in Concur 

Select your default ChartFields

Adjust your email notification settings

The email notifications you receive from Concur are controlled from two places in your profile: Expense Preferences and System Settings.

Enable e-receipts

Certain airlines, hotels, and car rental providers can send electronic receipts into your Concur profile for use on expense reports, but you must opt-in first to use this feature.

Receiving e-receipts can save you time by pre-populating your expense report.

Credit Cards

If you have applied for and received a Travel and Expense Card, your profile will already be populated with the card information, and it will be the default payment method for your travel reservations. You may enter additional credit cards by clicking +Add a Credit Card. If you do not hold a Travel and Expense Card and wish to use a personal card for your business travel bookings, be sure to check off the following boxes:

Use this card as the default card for:

For information on how to set up your Travel Preferences, please visit this resource on how to Manage Your Concur Profile.

Please visit the Concur Expense “How To” Reference Guide for additional helpful resources.

Report Types in Concur

Expense Reports (for Travel and Expense Card purchases & Reimbursements)

After submitting your Expense Report, it will route to your Default Expense Approver (individual you specified to approve your Reports). After the report is approved, it will then route to a Cost Object Approver. A Cost Object Approver is an individual who has the authority to approve financial activity based on the Department ChartField and dollar amount. The Default Approver has the option to forward the Expense Report to an additional Approver. In this case, the ‘Default Approver’ is still required to approve the Report.

Requesting to add, remove, or edit a department’s Concur Cost Object Approver can be done through the Concur Cost Object Approver Authorization Form in the Princeton Service Portal.

Statement Reports (for Departmental Purchasing Card purchases)

After submitting your Statement report, it will route to the Cost Object Approver (person responsible for monitoring expenses charged to the chartfield/department selected on the statement report.

Travel & Expense Card

Travel & Expense Cards may be held by faculty, staff, and in some cases, students. The card is a financial tool intended for individual business expenses, like travel, books, professional memberships, or local business meals—expenses that the cardholder may otherwise have had to incur using out-of-pocket funds.

It may be appropriate to issue a Travel & Expense Card to an individual in your department who:

To request a new Travel and Expense card, or to update an existing card, please submit a Travel & Expense Card Application in the Princeton Service Portal.

Who is eligible to hold a Departmental Purchasing Card?

Departmental Purchasing Cards may be held by staff members who are directly involved in purchasing on behalf of the University. As part of their normal job functions, they may use a Departmental Purchasing Card for low-dollar departmental goods and services that cannot be purchased through the Marketplace or contract suppliers via a special request requisition. These cardholders must be familiar with and adhere to the University’s preferred purchasing methods and policies.

To register for University Credit Card Compliance Training and view related resource, please visit the Finance & Treasury website.         

To request a new Departmental Purchasing card, or to update an existing card, please submit a Departmental Purchasing Card Application in the Princeton Service Portal.

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To learn more about Princeton’s Travel policies and procedures, please visit the Travel website.