HR Self Service: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I access HR Self Service?

Log into HR Self Service and enter your University netID and password. You will be asked to use DUO to login in the future.

What actions can I perform in HR Self Service?

You can perform the following actions:

I updated my information; why aren't the changes visible? 

Some information changes (such as legal name or marital status) require review by HR to ensure accuracy. For this reason, you may not immediately see the changes. Your information will be updated after it has been reviewed.

How do I update my office telephone number, fax number, or office location?

To change your office telephone number, fax number, or office location, contact your departmental telephone coordinator.

I'm a retiree; what information can I update in HR Self Service?

Retirees can update personal information, including home and mailing addresses, personal telephone numbers, emergency contact information, and personal email addresses.

Why can't I access the HR Self Service portal?

There may be technical issues related to your computer's browser or VPN software that are preventing you from accessing the portal:

Whom can I contact for additional help?