Central File Server: How to connect to your H: drive with Mac OS X computer

Accessing the Princeton network

Mac OS X is equipped with built-in Samba technology that allows it to map your personal account on the Central File Server and view it as a folder. This is much like mapping your H: drive on a Windows computer (the way it appears on a cluster computer). Make sure your computer is properly networked. For complete networking information for OS X, see macOS: Configuring the network system preferences for Princeton.

If you are not on campus and cannot access the Princeton network, you will need to use VPN (Virtual Private Networking) to connect to your H: drive. For more information, please refer to VPN: How do I remotely connect to protected resources


Connecting to the Central File Server using OS X 10.5 or newer

  1. Click Go in the Finder tool bar
  2. From the Go menu, select Connect to Server (or press the Command + K keys on your keyboard
  3. In the Connect to Server screen, type smb://files.princeton.edu/yourNetID into the Server Address field. Click Connect
  4. If you are prompted to enter your name and password, select Registered User in the Connect As section. Enter your Princeton netID and password. Click Connect.

Your HOME folder page will appear on your Mac's desktop.