Zoom Live Streaming

Zoom Live Streaming

Zoom allows for the ability to live stream Zoom meetings or webinars.
This creates a stream from the Zoom meeting or webinar to the external streaming service.
Zoom meetings are limited to 300 participants, and Zoom Webinars are typically limited to 1,000 participants. There are several options for live streaming from a Zoom meeting or webinar: Facebook, YouTube and now Twitch. These services can provide the host additional resources to allow for more participants to view the Zoom meeting or webinar over the live stream.

Note: Participants that are joining the live stream of Zoom Meetings will be receiving the audio and video (and content if present) and not be able to participate in the Zoom meeting.

Starting a Live Stream from your Zoom Meeting or Webinar

To start the live stream from your Zoom Meeting or Webinar, launch the meeting.
Within the host controls, click on the More … button to reveal the options for streaming.

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Follow the links below for instructions on configuring your live stream with the specific service.

Learn more about the Facebook Live Streaming from Zoom

Learn more about the YouTube Live Streaming from Zoom

Learn more about the Twitch Live Streaming from Zoom*

*this is a new streaming service and requires that the host is on the latest Zoom desktop client (5.10.0 or higher)