OnBase v23.1 Technical Enhancements

Unity Client Enhancements

Although the OnBase Unity Client has not received any substantial user-interface changes in the 23.1 release, it includes many fixes and enhancements to improve performance for end-users, specifically regarding large files, image files, and timed-out connections.

Web Client Enhancements


The Web Client has gained multiple enhancements to PDF functionality. Annotations and notes can be viewed directly on the PDF documents, and a text search is available for PDF documents. The PDF’s table of contents (named “Bookmarks”) and hyperlinks are both available, and the PDF document may even be opened in a separate browser window.

Screenshot of the new icons for PDF documents in the Web Client for version 23.1.

Single Window Mode

With this setting enabled, items selected will now display in either a modal (a focused popup) within the single browser window or as a side panel. Whether or not a modal or side panel launches depends on the item being selected, and the amount, and layout of data on display. For example, a user choosing to view the Keywords for a document will see the Keywords on display in a side panel in the window, whereas document properties will display in a separate modal. To Disable/Enable Single Window Mode, just select your username in the Web Client, and choose Preferences. Then scroll until you see the Enable Single Window Mode option.

Hyland Office Integration Enhancements

OnBase Microsoft Office Integration is available for Microsoft Office versions 2019 and 2021. It is recommended to verify that users have the necessary prerequisites for the new version to ensure a smooth transition to the new version, as well as continue to use the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office to maintain full functionality. The functionality in the OnBase tab is identical to the old version.     

CAUTION: OnBase does not support mixed 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Office installations with the Office Business Application and Integration for Microsoft Outlook modules.