Drupal: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Drupal is the content management system of choice for creating department, program, and center websites. OIT manages a Drupal platform called Princeton Site Builder. It is configured specifically for Princeton's needs and includes numerous pre-configured features, as well as integrations with other University systems. Websites built within Princeton Site Builder benefit from hosting and support at no cost.

Professional Services

Departments may work with Web Development Services to create custom websites in the Princeton Site Builder platform. Visit the Web Development Services website to learn more and see a portfolio of our work.

Why use the Princeton Site Builder platform?

OIT takes care of the following at no cost to you:

If you use your own installation of Drupal or a vendor's installation, then you must take care of the above items on your own. See Launching a Website Hosted by a Third Party.

What resources does the University provide for learning Drupal?

How do I know if Drupal is the right choice for my website?

See I need a website. What are my options?

Email Web Development Services (WDS) webservices@princeton.edu