Canvas: Merging duplicate Gradescope accounts after adopting an email alias


Due to an issue with Gradescope's handling of email addresses, individuals who have recently adopted an email alias and who access Gradescope from within Canvas course sites will have a duplicate Gradescope account created the first time they launch Gradescope from Canvas after obtaining the email alias.

The following guidance applies specifically to students, faculty, and staff for whom all of the following conditions apply.

  1. The person has recently established an email alias that is associated with their Princeton University netID.
  2. The person has access to one or more Canvas course sites that use the Gradescope online assessment tool.
  3. The person accessed Gradescope from their Canvas course site prior to obtaining an email alias.
  4. The person attempted to launch Gradescope from within Canvas and encountered an error.

Persons who have recently adopted email aliases but who have not yet accessed Gradescope from within Canvas should follow the guidance provided in KB0013777 - Canvas: Adding an email alias to your Gradescope account.

This action is required to ensure that the email alias is handled properly by Gradescope and that all course enrollments and assignment submissions remain associated with the appropriate Gradescope account.

What is an email alias?

An email alias is an email address that is more user-friendly or readable than the user's original netID-based email address. The email address is referred to as an alias as it is adding an additional name to the account rather than changing the email account address.

For example: Ann Expert was assigned a netID of ae3245and her netID-based email address is Ann can request the email alias (if it is available). After setup, mail sent to either or will be delivered to Ann’s email inbox.

For complete information regarding email aliases at Princeton University, please see KB 1177 University Accounts: Personalized email address (email alias).

Merging Gradescope accounts

After establishing an email alias, persons who already have an account established with Gradescope under their Princeton University netID, will encounter an error message similar to the one below the first time they attempt to launch Gradescope from within a Canvas course site (either via a Gradescope assignment or the Gradescope link in the Canvas course navigation menu).

Gradescope error message indicating that the user has more than one email address and should merge their Gradescope accounts.

To correct the issue take the following steps:

  1. Click on the link in the error message.  (NOTE: If you inadvertently dismissed the error message, simply click on the "Account" icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, then select "Edit Account" from the menu displayed and proceed to step 4 below.)
  2. A pop-up window will appear indicating that you need to confirm your password before merging your Gradescope accounts. 
    (PLEASE NOTE - This is password is NOT connected to the Princeton netID, and is ONLY a password for the Gradescope system itself.  In most cases, individuals don't have Gradescope passwords established, and will need to establish a Gradescope password.)
    Gradescope add email authorization pop-up window, requesting users enter a Gradescope password to merge Gradescope accounts.
  3. To add a password to the Gradescope account, click the "Cancel" button to return to the "Edit Account" page.
  4. When the Account Settings page loads, enter a password in the Password and Password Confirmation fields and click the "Save Changes" button to establish a password. for your Gradescope account.  (This password should not be the same as the password associated with your Princeton netID.)
    Gradescope account settings page with password entry boxes highlighted.
  5. When the "Add New Email Address" pop-up window reappears, enter your new Gradescope password in the space provided and click the "Add Email" button.
    Gradescope add email authorization pop-up window, requesting users enter a Gradescope password to merge Gradescope accounts.
  6. Once you've entered your password, the Account Settings page will reload and indicate that a confirmation email has been sent to the newly registered email address.
    Gradescope account settings page displaying account information and indicating that a confirmation email has been sent.
  7.  Check your email, locate the message from Gradescope, then click on the link in the message to confirm your email address.
    Sample email from Gradescope with link to confirm email address.
  8. Once you've clicked the link from the email, you should be taken to Gradescope where you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the account merge process has been successfully completed.  
    Gradescope screenshot indicating that the user's email address has been confirmed