Princeton Software Center - Student Software Purchases and Licensing

Software for All Students

With a Princeton student netID students receive a Google Drive with 1 TB storage quota and Gmail account, as well as a Microsoft 365 license.

Additionally, at no charge to students, the following software is also available for download through the Princeton Software Center:

Some coursework may require specialized online platforms or software. Information is provided by course instructors.

How to Buy and Download Software at Princeton

You may buy and download software through the Princeton Software Center

  1. Navigate to the Princeton Software Center.
  2. Login with your Princeton netID and password.
  3. Navigate to the software product page.
  4. Add the software product to your cart.
  5. Upon completion, you will be provided any installers or license keys necessary to begin use.
  6. Download your software.
  7. Be sure to save a copy of your download and product key. You will need product key to retrieve product downloads or keys.

Contact with any issues or software questions. Alternatively, you may visit the OIT Tech Clinic in Frist Campus Center 

Sales Tax Exemption Information

Princeton is a "tax exempt organization". However, as a general rule, the following conditions must be met for a purchase to qualify as tax exempt:

Additional information regarding Sales Tax Exemptions can be found by visiting,

Help with Your Purchase: Contact Kivuto