Zoom - Sharing into BreakOut Rooms

Zoom - Sharing into BreakOut Rooms

Zoom has made an update that allows for hosts or co-hosts to share into BreakOut Rooms.
This can be sharing any application, including video as well as audio.

Sharing into BreakOut Rooms

When the breakout rooms have been opened in a Zoom meeting, the hosts or co-hosts can share from the main room.
With the update, the user will see a new option at the bottom of the sharing window

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Selecting this option will prompt a pop-up to the host or co-host to confirm

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And then send the content (app, video or screen) into the breakout rooms.

*Note: The user’s content will be shared in the main lobby as well as all breakout rooms. If other users are sharing in the breakout rooms, their sharing will be stopped and overridden. This is only for screen sharing and will not transmit the hosts or co-hosts audio or video from the meeting.

The user can also select the check box Share sound to include audio to send out along with the content.


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