MATLAB: Licensing information

Licensing information

Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use MATLAB software on a personally-owned computer while employed or enrolled at the University. At the time you leave the University, the expectation is that you uninstall the MATLAB software from your computer. 

Item Information 
License Term Renews annually on February 1 
License Type and Products Included Site license; MATLAB, Simulink, Distributed Computing Server 
Operating SystemsWindows 10/8/7/Vista/XP; Mac OS; Linux. Refer to the MATLAB Platform Roadmap for compatibility and support information for specific operating system versions.
Institutional Computer Eligibility All faculty/staff institutional machines are eligible.
Institutional Computer Fee None 
Personal Computer Eligibility Full-time students may install on personal computers. 
Personal Computer Fee None 
Work-at-Home Rights Full-time faculty and staff may install MATLAB on personally owned computers for classroom/course requirements and non-commercial academic research 
How to Obtain Refer to MATLAB: Installation, access, and educational resources for more information.

MATLAB license renewal

To renew the MATLAB license, refer to MATLAB: License renewal.

Additional information

For more information about MATLAB, refer to MATLAB: Installation, access, and educational resources.