Register your Gaming Device on the Wireless Gaming Network

Servicenet is a high speed, low latency wireless network, enhanced to improve gaming support on the campus wireless network.

Existing Gaming Device

If your gaming device is already registered on servicenet there is no additional action to take. If you experience any connectivity issues with your gaming device, please follow the steps below in Confirming successful registration


New Gaming Device

If you have a new device, which has never been on the wireless network, you must register it on the Network Record – Register form. In order to register a device, you will need to provide your device's wireless interface MAC address. How to find a MAC address.

Please note the wireless gaming network is an isolated network with no access to internal university resources. If you have a device such as a laptop that will serve dual purposes, work and gaming, then you will have to switch your network between eduroam and servicenet.

How to Complete the Network Record - Register form

Your name will be auto-filled in the Requested for, Assigned to, and Owner fields. The department will be unspecified department.

  1. Fill in your location
  2. Name your device. By default, the form will suggest a generic name.
  3. For device type, select Miscellaneous/IOT
  4. Select the closest match for Model.
    Network Register form Model Selection
  5. Ownership type should be personal unless this is a departmental device.
  6. In the Network Records field, select Wireless Gaming.
  7. Provide your device's MAC address. How to find a MAC address.
  8. Click Submit when finished.

Note: A system generated email will be sent as confirmation. Please make sure that the entry in the email “What would you like to register?” is Wireless Gaming. If not delete the registration and start again. You can also view the registration status by using the Network Registration - Modify form in the Network Registration website.

Confirming successful registration

  1. Once registration is complete connect your gaming device to the servicenet SSID.
  2. Check your system’s IP address information. The system should dynamically be assigned an IP address in the 140.180.232.x – 140.180.239.x range.
  3. If your system does not reflect the correct IP please try the following steps in order:
    1. Forget the servicenet network from your system, add it again, then test
    2. Reboot your system, then test
    3. Power down and unplug your system for one minute and power back on, then test

Requesting assistance

For technical assistance, open a ticket in the Princeton Service Portal, email, or call (609) 258-4357.