Google: Easily Move Princeton Gmail and Google Files with VaultMe

What is VaultMe?

VaultMe is a recommended, optional third-party tool that can be used to copy your Princeton student Google account content (email, contacts, calendar and files) to an account of your choice (alumni account, personal account etc.).  VaultMe does NOT transfer files in Google Photos, so any photos uploaded there will have to be download from Google Takeout here and manually uploaded to the alumni Google drive for preservation. Features offered are:

Graduating Students

For graduating students Princeton University will subsidize one VaultMe migration for up to $25.00. Your alumni Google Drive has 22GB of storage, where your student account has 1TB. Please take this difference into account BEFORE initiating a migration, as you will need to store things beyond the 22GB limit elsewhere.  This offer is ONLY available for recently graduated Undergraduate and Graduate Students who were using Princeton Google for email delivery. Students who elected to remain on Microsoft365 Outlook/Exchange for email delivery are not eligible.

Who is eligible?


Cost Examples

VaultMe Migration Steps

VaultMe provides an easy to use self-guided migration process that will take you through the following steps:

  1. Navigate to VaultMe (external site): VaultMe (external link)
  2. Describe Your Goal: What two types of accounts do you want to migrate between?
  3. Copy or Migrate From:  Provide your Princeton email address ( and password.
  4. Copy or Migrate To:  Provide your target account email address and password.  
  5. VaultMe will evaluate your target location and provide a Migration Detail screen which summarizes the estimate time, items, GB and total price. 
    • Pricing Details screen
  6. Confirm your Princeton subsidy has been applied: Click the Question mark button next to VaultMe. 
  7. Resolve any issues: If you do not have enough space in the target location, VaultMe will guide you through a process to create/ buy space.
  8. Proceed to Checkout: Students, if your total price is under $25.00, you will not be charged.  If greater than $25.00 students will be asked to provide a payment method for the amount over $25.00.