Zoom - Enabling the Waiting Room

Zoom - Enabling the Waiting Room


Enabling the Waiting Room

Once a Zoom meeting has begun, if the meeting needs to have a waiting room, the host can update the setting within the meeting.

The host will need to click the Security button on the Zoom Video Window Interface

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At the top is the option to Enable Waiting Room


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Participants Joining

Once the Waiting Room is enabled, if a participant joins, the host will be notified

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and they can allow them access into the meeting

Or view the list which will display both the waiting room attendees as well as the participants within the meeting
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The host or co-host can send a message to all attendees in the waiting room to communicate without admitting them into the meeting.

Alternatively, if a participant needs to be removed or returned to the waiting room, the host and co-host can do this by opening up the Participants button and click the more button then select Put in Waiting Room

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Scheduling a Waiting Room

If the user wishes to have a waiting room enabled ahead of the meeting, they can update the settings within the Zoom portal to reflect that change on that meeting.

Navigate to their meetings page within Zoom


Edit the meeting and under the Security section check the waiting room