Install and license ArcGIS Pro 2.x (runs only on Windows OS)

  1. Install ArcGIS Pro from \\files\licensed\Products\ArcGIS\Pro2_9.  This directory can be mounted on an on-campus Windows machine, or off-campus by joining the Windows machine to the Princeton network.  Instructions for doing this can be found at .
  2. If you have an Ethernet connection to the Princeton network, you can click on ArcGISPro_29_179955.exe to run the file.  Otherwise, copy the file to a local directory and run the executable from your local copy.
  3. Load any service patches that are in the Pro2_9 directory.
  4. ArcGIS Pro is integrated with ArcGIS Online, hosted by Esri for Princeton University.  Licenses to run ArcGIS Pro are available to Princeton users who have logged in to  Select the "by URL" option and enter to log in to this site.  Then select the Princeton University button.
  5. Authenticate using your Princeton NetID and password on the CAS screen that opens, and use DUO to verify.  This will create an ArcGIS Online account to use for on-line resources and publishing with ArcGIS Pro.  This step should be done before opening ArcGIS Pro itself.
  6. Open ArcGIS Pro.  As you did with ArcGIS Online, select the Princeton University button and authenticate.  ArcGIS Pro should then open.  Your first name should appear in the upper right of the ArcGIS Pro window, followed by (Princeton University GIS).  This indicates that you have signed in to the ArcGIS Online portal.
  7. If ArcGIS Pro fails to open, click on the “Configure your licensing options” statement.  If that statement is not visible, click on Settings (the gear icon) and choose the Licensing option.  In either case this will open the Licensing window.
  8. In the Licensing window that opens, check that the License Type is “Named User License”  and the Licensing Portal is
  9. If you made any changes, you will get a message that ArcGIS Pro must shut down for your license changes to take effect.  Press OK and start ArcGIS Pro again.