iPhone Users Experiencing Issues with DUO Universal Prompt


iPhone user indicates that they are not getting Duo notifications, their application is not opening and/or they are "stuck" on the Duo prompt

User has iPhone Focus (Do Not Disturb) Turned On

Confirm if the user has "Focus" turned on, specifically, Do Not Disturb.  Do Not Disturb BLOCKS Duo notifications.  User must reset Focus and turn off Do Not Disturb.

iPhone Focus Do Not Disturb

User is Left on Duo Window after Clicking Approve

Issue: After the user clicks Approve, Duo does not take them to the Trust Browser screen (like it used to in old Duo).  To the user Duo push will appear to "get hung up" and not connect to the application. 

Suspected Cause:  The Trust Browser window is not automatically opening as it is "competing" for the browser with the TigerSafe app.

Resolution Option 1: Swipe Up

  1. The user should swipe up to view their open windows and applications on their iPhone.
  2. They should see a Trust Browser window where they should click Trust Browser.  Once they do this they will not have to perform this again for 90 days.
  3. The user should then swipe up again to refresh the view.

Resolution Option 2: Type the URL into a Browser

Instruct user to navigate to the browser and type in the direct URL:

Video of the stuck Duo issue (restricted):

Video of Duo "Stuck" See Frame at 32 seconds (Teams Site Link)

Safari: Enable Cookies & Cross-Site Tracking

If user receives the message "You need to enable cookies in order to remember this device," they likely have "block cross site tracking" and/or "block all cookies" turned on in Safari.  To fix this:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap Safari.
  3. Scroll down to Privacy and Security.
  4. Disable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking (Swipe the toggle left so that it is black, not green).
  5. Disable Block all Cookies (Swipe the toggle left so that it is black, not green).

Manage cookies and website data in Safari