Digital conversion of media: Video-on-Demand and streaming file creation service

Streaming File Creation

Video Production Support provides a fee-based streaming file creation service to the University community. Availability of resources for encoding of analog and digital audio and video for Internet streaming is subject to a first-come, first-served basis. Under normal circumstances, the turnaround time is two business days. The media can be dropped off and picked up after encoding has been completed. The media can also be sent via campus mail. This is a fee-based service with a charge per hour for audio/video encoding. There is no charge for course related audio/video encoding (a course number must be provided).

It is the responsibility of the individual or group requesting the encoding to ensure that the copyright holders of the original media have given explicit permission for this media to be streamed over the Internet and/or that the use of the copyrighted materials falls within the domain of "fair use." To request assistance please use the Video Production Services Request Form on their web page.