Faculty Computer Program (FCP) Overview


Dean of the Faculty (DOF) affiliated ranks are eligible for an FCP device. Visiting Faculty are eligible to receive a loaned device. Faculty appointments less than one year may also be considered for a loaned device.

New faculty hires are eligible 90 days prior to their start date, once their netID is available.

Replacement/Return Schedule

FCP devices must be replaced every 4 years. IT support may replace a device sooner if it cannot be repaired.

Orders for a replacement device can be processed beginning 90 days in advance of a device’s scheduled retirement date. Faculty members may contact department IT support to confirm when they can replace their current device.

Only one device per user is provided by the program. Devices must be returned when a replacement is delivered. Devices must also be returned when leaving the university and may not be purchased for personal use in accordance with the Office of Finance & Treasury's Computer Equipment Policy.

Model Offerings

The current list of available models include Apple, Dell and Lenovo devices as well as an optional external display bundle (at no additional cost). All devices have a 3-year warranty (including no fee AppleCare for eligible Apple devices).   FCP machines must remain installed as their delivered OS (MacOS or Windows).   FCP does not support "dual-boot" or Linux OS installations. 

The list of available models will be updated periodically. Device specifications are available in the linked catalog.

Note: Customization is not available. If you need a hardware configuration not offered through FCP or desire to run Linux OS, you may still place the order through the Prime Portal using a departmental or faculty member's fund. No reimbursements will be processed.

Detailed Specifications

FCP Offering Catalog




External Display Bundle (optional add-on)

Ordering and Setup

Department IT support representatives (SCAD/DCS) place orders using the Faculty Computer Order form in the Service Portal. Devices are typically delivered to a department within two weeks.

Devices are pre-configured by IT and delivered to department IT support to complete the final setup and delivery with faculty. Pre-installed software will not be removed from FCP devices. To receive a new FCP device, any current FCP device must be returned. Old devices will be maintained by the department for up to one month to ensure seamless replacement if issues arise. 

The order form is only open to SCAD/DCS. Department staff must work with their IT support to place orders. No purchase orders or financial processing is required.

FCP Device Support

If a device is lost or stolen, follow the procedures for a missing device.

For desktop support, contact your department IT support or reach out to OIT at (609) 258-HELP (4357) or servicedesk@princeton.edu.