Unix: Introduction to Linux at Princeton and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your Unix account is for use in classes that use Linux computing and programming facilities, and for publishing personal web pages to your Linux account. (The terms Unix and Linux at Princeton can be used interchangeably.) There is one cluster maintained by OIT for general use by the University. The Nobel Cluster is intended for computationally intensive research computing, and Licensed software.

Central storage space

It is important to understand that each University netID is granted a Unix account, and that the home directory for this account is the same file space as your Central File Server home directory. This storage space on the Central File Server is often referred to as the H: drive, as students logging into the Princeton domain have their Central File Server directories automatically mapped to the H: drive. It is the same location as your Unix account; but can be seen through a graphical user interface.

Command line connection

By default new Unix accounts are set up with the shell   "/bin/bash", which allows you to connect to OIT Unix resources via a command line interface.  

What servers are available?

For detailed technical specifications on these servers, as well as the licensed software on each cluster, please see Article 9780.