Incoming Graduate Student Photo ID Submission Instructions

Before arriving on campus, all new Princeton Graduate Students must submit a photo for their Princeton ID (TigerCard).

Photo Requirements

Submission Instructions

See below for photo guidelines:

Acceptable requirements for student ID photo

If you submit your photo in accordance with the above guidelines, you will receive your TigerCard upon arrival at Graduate Check-In. If we do not receive your photo prior to check-in, you will need to visit the TigerCard office on campus and in person to take a photo and receive an ID.

Post-Submission Instructions

A copy of the photograph will be sent to the TigerCard Office for an official University ID which will be ready upon arrival to campus. The University ID card serves as a meal card to charge food at any of the dining centers on campus. It also serves as an access card to gain entrance to campus dormitories, academic buildings, library, gymnasium, athletic events and other University activities.

An electronic copy of the photograph is also used to identify students in administrative systems. The photo on this ID card assures that, if the card is lost or stolen, it can be reliably returned and not abused by others, with possible costs accruing to the student account. Academic departments may also use the photograph for other purposes, such as a new student face board, at their discretion.

If there are any problems with your submitted photo, you will be contacted via your Princeton email.