LabVIEW: Licensing information

Licensing information

Item Information 
License Term Renews annually on June 1 
License Type Site license 
Operating Systems Windows 10/11; Mac OS 12, 13, 14; Linux 
Institutional Computers Eligibility Departmental site license for research and teaching 
Institutional Computers Fee Yes 
Personal Computers Eligibility Yes - See Work-at-Home Rights 
Personal Computers Fee Not applicable 
Work-at-Home Rights Yes, if a department purchased a license, faculty, staff, and students in that department may install on one personally owned computer. The student license and serial number is separate from faculty and staff. 
How to Obtain 

The following departments have purchased LabVIEW licenses. If you are a member of a department below, please email the appropriate contact listed.

Genomics -
Princeton Neuroscience Institute -
Civil and Environmental Engineering - Islam Elnaggar
Physics - Martin Kicinski
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Jonathan Prevost
Chemical and Biological Engineering - Eric Paul
Chemistry - Doug Rosso
Electrical and Computer Engineering - David Radcliff