LabVIEW: Licensing information

Licensing information

Item Information 
License Term Renews annually on June 1 
License Type Site license 
Operating Systems Windows 10/11; Mac OS  11, 12, 13; Linux 
Institutional Computers Eligibility Departmental site license for research and teaching 
Institutional Computers Fee Yes 
Personal Computers Eligibility Yes - See Work-at-Home Rights 
Personal Computers Fee Not applicable 
How to Purchase

For departments who would like to purchase a license(s), please contact Diane Griffiths at for additional information.

Work-at-Home Rights 

Yes, if a department purchased a license, faculty, staff, and students in that department may install on one personally owned computer. The student license and serial number is separate from faculty and staff. 

How to Access a License 

The following departments have purchased LabVIEW licenses. If you are a member of a department below, please email the appropriate contact listed.

Genomics -
Princeton Neuroscience Institute -
Civil and Environmental Engineering - Islam Elnaggar
Physics - Martin Kicinski
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Jonathan Prevost
Chemical and Biological Engineering - Eric Paul
Chemistry - Doug Rosso
Electrical and Computer Engineering - David Radcliff