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Zoom Desktop Client (latest version)
The Princeton Zoom Admin team strongly recommends staying on the latest version of the Zoom Client.

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General Support – OIT Service Desk 
Call (609)-258-HELP (258-4357) or email support

Important Announcements

**New Zoom Meeting Join**

On May 20, 2023, Zoom will be implementing a new meeting join.  This will streamline the join time of participants into Zoom meetings.
Learn More about the New Zoom Meeting Join


**Zoom Minimum Client Version Mandate**
Zoom has announced a Software Lifecycle Management policy that will require users to be on a minimum client version to join Zoom Meetings or Webinars.
The next mandate will be implemented on August 5, 2023.  The minimum client version required will be 5.12.2*.  
The Princeton Zoom Admin team recommends keeping your Zoom client up-to-date*Learn More

**Linux Zoom Users**

On November 2, 2022, Zoom will be retiring the key pair used to sign the Linux client.  
All Zoom Linux users will need to update to continue use of the client without a service interruption.
Find more information here.

On October 1, Microsoft will be deprecating basic authentication.  This may affect your calendar integration within Zoom.
Find out how to Resync An Outlook Calendar with Zoom

The Princeton Zoom Admin team is urging all users to update to the latest version as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays joining a Zoom meeting or Webinar.
To check for updates, visit our KB0013366 article for instructions.  Users can also visit Zoom’s Download page (https://zoom.us/download) to download the latest version and update the Zoom client that way.

New Features

New Polls/Quizzes - Advanced Polls/Quizzes has been enabled for the Princeton Zoom Account (Learn More)
Zoom Whiteboard
 - New redesigned Whiteboard for collaboration both in and outside of Zoom meetings (Learn More)
Focus Mode
 - Turning your Zoom Meeting into a Webinar-like experience (Learn More)
Personal Audio Conference - Utilizing Zoom for Audio Only Conferences (Learn More)  (Learn More about scheduling the PAC)
Gender Pronoun - A setting within the Zoom Profile to set your preferred gender pronoun  (Learn More)

New Client

Current Release Zoom Client 5.15.2 (June 2023) – (download or learn how to update)
(Release Notes for 5.10.3, noteworthy features)
(Mac Users on Monterey OS - important bug fix)

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