Princeton Zoom - Frequently Asked Questions

Princeton Zoom FAQs

Getting Started with Zoom

· What is Zoom?

Zoom details and how it can benefit your collaboration at Princeton University.

· How do I Get Started with Zoom?

Learn more about getting or staying up to date with the latest Zoom Client version

· How do I Sign Up for Zoom at Princeton?

Princeton University has acquired a campus-wide deployment for Zoom. The user needs the netid and credentials and authenticate on the sign in page to login initially and the account will then be created for you.

· How do I Sign in to Zoom at Princeton?

Sign in Instructions for Zoom

Scheduling Zoom Meetings

· How do I schedule a Zoom Meeting for myself?

You can schedule a Zoom Meeting through the web portal, Zoom Desktop Client, or through other integrations. Learn More

· How can I secure my Zoom Meeting?

Learn more about how to secure a Zoom meeting or Webinar

· How can I schedule a Zoom Meeting on behalf of someone else?

Zoom – Schedule on Behalf of Others

· How can I use Outlook to Schedule a meeting with Zoom?

Learn More about integrating Outlook with Zoom

· What settings should I set on my profile, for my Zoom Meetings?

There are many options and settings to configure your Zoom profile. Here is a list of Notable Zoom Profile Settings

Joining Zoom Meetings

· How do I join a Zoom Meeting?

You can join a Zoom meeting with multiple ways. Learn More

· How do I activate my audio?

You can join your audio for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar by Phone or Computer/Device.