Spam: Ways to reduce junk email

Unsolicited e-mail is most often called "spam." Because the marginal cost of sending each message is negligible, bulk emailers can send thousands or millions of messages with the knowledge that a small percentage will respond to a commercial offer. The economic costs are imposed primarily on the recipients, who must spend time sorting through their email to determine which messages are legitimate. The content of unsolicited messages can often be considered offensive, and the most abusive bulk emailers are not concerned with providing the ability to opt-out.

First Line of Defense: The Proofpoint Spam Utility

OIT provides and supports a spam-filtering utility that has robust features to fight against the onslaught of unwanted email. The service provides enhanced features for user management of inbound unwanted mail, allowing individuals to identify their own safe lists and blocked lists. You are able to create a "reject" list of e-mail addresses from which you never want to receive messages, and an "accept" list of addresses from which you always want to receive messages. Other features include real time blocking of bad senders, content filtering (e.g. attachment removal), scanning for viruses, and anti-spam measures. Please note:

Second Line of Defense: Configuring Junk Mail Controls in your Email Application

All modern email applications have built-in tools to control your mail; for example Outlook and Mac Mail junk mail controls. These preferences, if enabled, can be an effective additional mechanism for in fine-tuning your spam controls. 

Additional Measures: Blocking Senders