Dropbox: File Storage - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Dropbox Account? 

Use the Princeton Service Portal Dropbox Account Request form to request an account. The form must be filled out by the user requesting the account. Only Princeton faculty, graduate students and staff in academic departments are eligible for accounts. For special cases such as service accounts, include an explanation in the comment field on the form. 

Can I link Dropbox accounts? 

You can link Personal and Princeton Dropbox accounts so that both can appear simultaneously on your Windows or Macintosh system, your iOS or Android device, and the Dropbox web site.  

The first step to having both accounts available on the same computer is to access your account settings to connect the two Dropboxes. 

  1. Sign in to your Princeton account on the Dropbox website
  2. Click on your name at the top right corner of the page to open your account menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click on Connect under Connect your personal Dropbox and enter the email and password for your personal Dropbox accounts
  5. Your accounts will now be connected and you can then install them both on your computer, phone or tablet

If you already have Dropbox installed, follow the instructions in the Dropbox help file for Signing in to your personal and work accounts on all devices. There are instructions available for all the different types of devices that Dropbox supports except Linux. This feature is not supported for Linux. 

If you do a fresh install when you create your Princeton account, you will be prompted during the install to add your personal Dropbox.  If you choose to add it, you will be prompted to login to your Personal account after which a Dropbox (Personal) folder will appear on your desktop.  

How do I rename a Dropbox account?

When users with an existing Princeton.edu Dropbox account are invited to join the Princeton-managed account, they are taken to a web page where they must choose whether to convert their current account or keep it personal. You must rename your personal account to an email address that is not affiliated with Princeton University. 

Changing my email address 

If the contents of your Princeton.edu Dropbox account are predominantly personal information and not university-related, then you can choose to associate your existing Dropbox account with a non-Princeton email address, for instance a personal Gmail address.  Nothing else will change about your personal Dropbox.

The quota, login, and encryption will be unchanged.  A new, empty Dropbox account will be created for your Princeton.edu email that will have all of the features of the Princeton Dropbox service.