Submitting GRE Scores

How to Submit

Contact ETS to have your test score report sent directly to the Graduate School. The GRE Institution code for Princeton is 2672. We will not accept expired, self-reported, copies of, or partial test scores.

Department Codes

You may select a department when submitting your scores, but it is not required by Graduate Admission. All score reports are received by Graduate Admission regardless of which department code is selected.

When to Submit

You can submit your application prior to taking the GRE. Upon receipt, we will match your test scores to your application. Note that test scores received after the application deadline will be matched to your application, but faculty may have already begun review of your application. There is no guarantee that test scores received after the deadline will be seen by the committee. You are advised to have all scores sent by the deadline for the fullest consideration.

Number of Score Submissions

You may submit more than one GRE score. We will consider the highest score from each section, but the department can see all scores and components.