How to Read a Student Account – Undergraduate Student

Accessing Your Student Account

You can view your tuition, fees, and incidental charges, as well as sign up for direct deposit and make electronic payments, via the Student Financial Center on TigerHub. Authorized parents and guardians can access these items on the Tiger Family Hub. At the first of each month you will receive a reminder to view your account and pay outstanding charges. All new additional student accounts charges are due on the 25th of each month. Transactions are added daily, and you are encouraged to review your account often.

Reading Your Student Account

Below is a sample undergraduate student account. Detailed callouts are provided to describe the different features of the page.

View of the undergraduate student account page, accessible from the Student Financials page on TigerHub or Tiger Family Hub. Contains an account summary for undergraduates, including an option to pay student bill.

1. Amount Due: Displays the sum of unsatisfied charges with a due date of the current month or prior. To see a breakdown of unsatisfied charges, click on the icon. If your account is overpaid, the “Amount Due” icon will change to “Credit Balance”. Students can request the release of a credit balance from the Refund button (#12).

2. New Activity: Displays the sum of charges that were recently added to your account with a due date in the subsequent month. To see a list of the new charges added to your account, click on the icon.

3. New Balance: Displays the sum of what is due now plus all unsatisfied charges with a future due date within the current academic term. If you are enrolled in the Monthly Payment Installment Plan, the New Balance amount will include the sum of future installments for the term.  To see the items that represent your New Balance, click on the icon.

4. Direct Deposit: Allows you to elect to have University payments and student account refunds deposited directly into your US bank account. To change your enrollment status, click the pencil icon.

5. Non-Aid Scholarship: Complete this form to pre-credit your student account with an anticipated award from an external scholarship provider (only applies if you are not receiving Financial Aid). Funds are credited by term; a new form is required each year.

6. Payment Plan: Allows students to spread the cost of tuition and eligible charges, less any scholarship and loans, over the term in a maximum of 5 equal installments. A $40 enrollment fee is charged per term. Students must apply each year.

7. I-9: Form required for students employed by Princeton. If applicable, the status of your I-9 form is displayed. Click the pencil icon for a link to additional information. 

8. Term Summary: Provides a summary of charges and credits applied in each term. Click to display previous terms.

9. Print Statement: Displays a statement for the selected term in PDF printable format. The statement includes check remittance instructions.

10. Filter and Search: Charges and are listed in date order. Click on the column heading to change the order displayed. You may filter transactions by month, term, charge category, or search for a specific key word. Click download to view transactions in Excel or click the printer icon to view as a PDF.

11. Pay Now: Click to make your domestic or international e-payment from Princeton’s Payment Gateway. Domestic payments are immediately applied; international payments via Western Union appear after payment settlement occurs.

12. Refund: Students with a credit balance can request all or part of the credit amount be returned to them, a parent, or an eating club. Refund requests can be made after classes begin. Some requests may require approval by student accounts.

13. Tax Forms: Students who are US residents for tax purposes can view and print their IRS Form 1098-T here. We encourage students to opt in for electronic distribution on this page. Helpful links to other tax documents are included.

14. Delegates: Allows students to grant or remove access to their account to selected parents or guardians. Parents/Guardians view their student’s account by logging into Princeton’s Tiger Family Hub with their assigned Network ID (NetID). Parents/Guardians identified by the student at matriculation are sent an invitation to claim their NetID.

15. Contact Us: Important contact information is provided if you need assistance with your student account or if you are experiencing technical issues.

Getting Additional Help

For additional information on your student account, visit the Finance & Treasury Undergraduate Student Accounts webpage.