Funding for Ph.D. Students


Princeton guarantees funding for all Ph.D. students during their regular periods of enrollment, contingent upon satisfactory academic performance. With a few exceptions, the defined Ph.D. program length is five years. Complete information on program length and academic requirements can be found in the Fields of Study index.

Students in regular enrollment may be funded from a variety of sources which in combination provide full tuition, the required Student Health Plan fee and base stipend support at rates established annually. The base stipend is intended to support the estimated cost of living expenses for a single graduate student during each year of regular enrollment.

Types of Funding

Sources of funding provided to students in regular enrollment might include:

Students commonly have their financial support provided by a combination of funding sources. When students receive a combination of financial support from the University in a given term or year, the tuition and stipend components of their total support are adjusted proportionately.

If students receive external fellowships, any awards from the University are adjusted accordingly. If external fellowships provided to regularly-enrolled Ph.D. students do not provide for full stipend or tuition, the balance of the support will come from other sources of Graduate School or departmental funding to ensure that such students' total financial support meets the standard base stipend rates.