Noteworthy Features for the Zoom Desktop Client Releases

Latest Zoom Client Version 5.10.0  

(released March 22, 2022)


General Features:




Important *MAC users on Monterey OS* should update to the latest version of the Zoom Client.
"The Zoom client for macOS 5.9.3, released on January 25, 2022, fixed a bug involving the failure to properly terminate the microphone use post-meeting. Zoom has determined that this bug did not result in audio data being transmitted back to Zoom's platform, but merely consuming the use of the microphone on the system."  


This version of the Zoom client, that was released on December 20 will allow for the observation of privacy settings for calendar events.
This update will only be important for those that are using the Schedule on Behalf of feature within the Zoom Web portal.
When on this latest version and they are assigning scheduling privileges to other users in Zoom, users can choose if they can manage any meetings that were marked as private in Outlook or Google calendar. If they cannot manage private events, these users cannot see the invite link, meeting topic, or attendee list.