What will migrate from Microsoft Office 365 to Princeton Gmail and Calendaring?


Princeton OIT will use an automated migration tool that will move your email, calendar and contacts to Princeton Gmail and Calendaring. A break down of exactly what will & will not be moved is provided below.


What mailbox data and settings will transfer to Princeton Gmail and Calendaring?

All items will transfer except mailbox rules, account delegation, sticky notes and spam controls.

*Note*  Rules and account delegations will not transfer! Make a note of your existing mailbox rules and junk mail controls, you will need to re-create these items once your account has moved to Princeton Gmail.

The “Sticky Notes” feature does not exist in native Gmail. Any existing Sticky Notes you may have, will not be migrated.


What Calendar, Appointment information and Tasks settings will transfer to Princeton Gmail and Calendaring?

The main calendar, sub calendar, appointments, attendees, date ranges, reminders, appointment and task attachments, and tasks will transfer to Princeton Gmail.


What Address Book and Contact information will transfer to Princeton Gmail and Calendaring?

Multiple address books, contacts and groups will transfer to Princeton Gmail


What Telephone Voice Messages and Notifications will be transferred?

 All existing emails with Voice Message attachments will be transferred to Princeton Gmail. All new Voice Message Notifications will be sent to your Princeton Gmail.

All voice messages will be emailed as an attachment to your Princeton Gmail account, where they will stay until you delete them. If you delete the Voice Message in Princeton Gmail, it will not auto delete in Unity Connection (Telephone Voice Management System). OIT will apply an aging policy in Unity Connection that will delete your Voice Messages after 48 hours.


If you are interested in moving to Princeton Gmail, go to the following page for additional information.

                  Princeton Gmail & Calendaring for Graduate Students, Faculty & Academic Staff


If you have questions or concerns regarding the process or need additional information, please contact the OIT Support and Operations Center at (609)258-4357 (option-1).