Statistics and Data Analysis Software and Support

Data and Statistical Services is part of Firestone Library's Social Science Reference Center. DSS maintains the University Data Library and provides reference and consulting support to users of electronic data. Please see:

Supported software

A number of statistical software packages and utility programs are available for the major computing platforms found at Princeton. Data and Statistical Services staff can assist you in using these software products, and in basic commands and concepts of the operating systems on which these programs run. Please see: Vendors sites are also an invaluable source of answers as well, such as:

Statistical consulting services

Statistical Consulting services are available to faculty, staff, and students of Princeton University. DSS provides assistance in using statistical software and related utilities, as well as accessing data in the Data Library. Persons wishing to use DSS services are asked to come to the lab during walk-in hours before requesting an appointment. Codebooks, CD-ROMs and diskettes are available for use in the Social Science Reference Center anytime the Center is open, although there may be limited Data Reference service available. For data orders or complex data searching, please send a detailed e-mail message to If necessary, an appointment will be made.

Stata is available on all OIT cluster computers.