Requesting and Updating Suppliers

Requesting and Updating Suppliers

When procuring goods and services from businesses, or paying honoraria and reimbursements to guests, please follow the guidelines outlined below to create or update a supplier. To improve your experience, we have referenced steps you can take up-front and throughout the engagement. For foreign suppliers, consider starting the process early enough to accommodate the additional compliance considerations. Lastly, the Non-PO Payment Request Process may alleviate the need to onboard guests to issue reimbursements.

Requesting a New Supplier

1. If the payment is only to reimburse a guest who is a U.S. resident, it is not necessary to onboard the supplier. Please note that the supplier will be paid by check. (To issue a reimbursement via ACH, it is necessary to onboard the supplier)

2. For all other payment types:

Determine if the supplier already exists and is ‘Active’ in the Marketplace. (Here is ‘How-To Search for a supplier’ or the University’s list of Contracts for Preferred Suppliers)

Update an Existing Supplier (Reactivate, Update Address/Contact/Bank Account)

1. To reactivate a supplier, submit a supplier request by selecting “Request New Supplier” from the Prime Marketplace, and selecting ‘Update Existing Supplier’ as the reason for the request

2. To Update Address/Contact/Bank Account:

How to Resolve Issues That May Occur When Requesting/Updating a Supplier

1. Supplier lost the invitation or we need to invite a new contact:

Create a Supplier Request to have the invitation resent to the same contact, or sent to a different contact.

2. Supplier is unable to log-in to the Portal

Contact our Customer Support partner at 1-800-233-1121 option 2, then

option 1.

3. Supplier’s email is affiliated with another organization (e.g. University) in the supplier portal

Contact our Customer Support partner at 1-800-233-1121 option 2, then

option 1.

Monitoring Your Submitted Supplier Requests

The ‘My Supplier Requests’ page in Prime Marketplace allows you to view your submitted requests. To query your submitted requests, the Request Status filter is a great way to narrow your search (e.g. past 90 days, status). Once you are able to view your requests, you can determine their status based on the descriptions referenced below. Options include:

To edit an existing request: You can edit a request if the status is ‘Returned’. If the status is ‘Approved’ or ‘Under Review’, the request is closed and it is necessary to submit a new request. Please note you will not be able to edit a request when the status is ‘Approved’.

Tips to Prevent Delays

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To learn more about Supplier onboarding procedures, please visit the Supplier Management website.