Billing for Mobile Services

Billing for Mobile Services

Charges for mobile service under the University's corporate plan will be billed to each department as a charge against project/grant statement on J00485. The charge will be listed as "Mobile Phone Billing". Departments can "drill down" on this charge from the project/grant statement to view more details. The details viewable through "drill down" include:

If there are new equipment charges related to a cell phone, the charge will be described accordingly. All usage charges, such as international phone calls, will be billed as a lump sum.

Reviewing details in the Information Warehouse

Departments can also go into the Prime Financial Information Warehouse (University Financials, Departmental Charges) to view and download all of the information billed on J00485.

To review details in the Information Warehouse: If you are off campus, you will need VPN to access the Information Warehouse

  1. Visit the Information Warehouse
  2. Select Team Content from the left hand menu
  3. Select University Financials - Prime
  4. Select Financial Management
  5. Select Departmental Charges (DC) Detail
  6. Select DC Billee Reports – Charges to Departments
  7. Select appropriate criteria: Fiscal Year, Accounting Period from and to, and then scroll down to Journal Class and select J00485
  8. Scroll back up and click Run, and then Open or Save to view the report or save the report

Reviewing Call Details on the Vendor Website 


To sign up for online account management to access your details, complete the Mobile - Verizon Account Management form.