Video on Demand: Submit request for films to be put on reserve, digitized, and streamed through Bb

Video materials placed on reserve at the Video Library can be made available to students of the course via our streaming service as well as physical reserve in the library. Students registered in these classes may view assigned video materials at any time during the semester through the Blackboard course page while on campus.

Instructions for Submitting a Request:

1. Submit requests for video reserves via email to the Video Library or call 609-258-0739.

2. Include the following:
    a. Course number
    b. Name of the instructor
    c. Title of the film
    d. Call number, which can be found in the library online catalog,
    e. Subtitles (if needed), indicate which language is required

3.  Once a film is put on reserve it will remain in the Video Library for the duration of the semester.  Only the instructor who put the film on reserve may borrow it.  Other patrons may watch the film in the Video Library but will not be able to check it out.

Videos that are not currently owned by the University but are needed for course work can be purchased. Please supply the director’s name and a link to where the film can be acquired.

Requests to have films digitized for class can be sent directly to Barbara McLaughlin,, or entered into the library ORRS system. If you have questions regarding the video streaming service or would like more information please call Barbara at 609-258-0739 or visit our webpage,