Enabling Gender Pronouns for Zoom

Enabling Gender Pronouns for Zoom

The Princeton Zoom Admin Team has enabled the Pronoun feature within Zoom.
If a user would like to take advantage of this feature, they can by following the below steps.  If a user chooses not to use this feature, no action is required.

Enabling the Pronoun Setting for Your Zoom Account

Navigate to your profile page


Within the top section displayed, to the right of your name, click the Edit button

Then you can set the pronouns in the text field and then select the sharing method of them (Ask me every time, Always Share, or Do Not Share).

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Note for this to work properly, the user must update their Zoom Client to at least 5.7.0 or above.

Once the user has the latest client, if they have Ask me every time set on their profile, they will see the following popup

And the user will show in the participant lists as their name and the pronoun that they have set.

As well as being displayed for others on their video window