MATLAB by MathWorks Mac OS installation

Download MATLAB

Prior to installation, you will need to create a MATLAB account and download MATLAB to your Mac OS computer. Please refer to the MATLAB Installation section of Getting Started with MATLAB for step-by-step instructions.  Please note there is not a C-Compiler for Mac which is needed for Simulink.  You must install Xcode from the Mac App Store.


  1. Browse to your downloads location and double click (20XX signifies the year and version a or b)
  2. From the unzipped package double click matlab_R20XX_maci64.dmg
  3. Double click InstallForMacOSX
  4. When the dialog box “InstallForMacOSX is an app downloaded from the internet are you sure you want to open it?” appears select Open
  5. When prompted, enter credentials with machine administrator privileges 
  6. In the MathWorks Installer window, ensure Log in with a MathWorks Account is selected and click Next
  7. Select Yes to accept the license agreement and click Next
  8. Log in to your MathWorks Account and click Next
  9. Ensure Install is selected and click Next
  10. Ensure License 296492 (Individual) is selected (first option) and click Next
  11. Click Next to accept the default installation folder
  12. Click Next to accept the default products to install
  13. Disable Help Improve MATLAB checkbox then click Next
  14. Click Install
  15. Click Next
  16. Ensure Activate MATLAB checkbox is enabled then click Next
  17. Click Next to Activate MathWorks Software
  18. Click Confirm
  19. Click Finish