OpenScholar: What happens to my OpenScholar site after I leave Princeton?

Important Note

The OpenScholar service will be retired at the end of 2022, and active OpenScholar sites will be migrated to Princeton Site Builder

Backup Content

Before leaving Princeton, a site owner should create a backup copy of any important content on their OpenScholar site. Unfortunately, OpenScholar does not have a tool to export an entire site and its contents.

The site owner or site admin can browse and download any uploaded files from the Site Content area of the OpenScholar Control Panel. For site pages, you can copy the content from the live site or the Control Panel. You could also use your web browser to save your site's pages as a PDF. There may also be an archived copy of your site in the Internet Archive.

Site Removal

Once a site has not been accessed for over a year (1 year) by a site owner who has left the University, we will purge the account and the contents of the site permanently from the server. Once we do this purge, we can not recover the data.

If you no longer have access to OpenScholar because of an expired netID, and your account and site have not been purged, we can assist you with retrieving your files. To request this, email us at

Changing the Site Owner

If the site is a lab site or a research site, a Site Owner can be changed to another site member if the Site Owner is leaving and the site is continuing the research. This can be done in the Members & Roles section of the Control Panel.