Lists: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I access LISTSERV?
The LISTSERV system is accessible through the web at Access to LISTSERV requires an email address and password. For Princeton users, your login name is your email address; use your University password to enter the site.

Managing a list
Information for list owners on managing a list is available at Article 9153.

Information for LISTSERV subscribers
Information for LISTSERV subscribers is available at Article 9277.

How do I request a LISTSERV list?
Any member of the Princeton community -- whether faculty, staff, or student -- may establish an e-mail list, as long as it supports research, administration, or other recognized university activities. There is no charge for creating a list or using the OIT list server. Each list must have an owner who bears ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the operation of the list. (The primary owner may arrange to share or delegate list owner duties to additional list owners.)

To request a list for faculty or staff, you need to decide upon certain information and then fill out the list request form.

To request a list for a sponsored undergraduate student organization, please see Article 3076.

Please familiarize yourself with the following information that is needed from you to create a list. You will enter this information on the form.

How do I delete a LISTSERV list?

The owner of the Listserv will need to submit a Generic Request to have a Listserv list deleted.