My PrincetonU Graduate Alumni Log-in

Log in to My PrincetonU to browse and register for events available to Princeton alumni. Please note some events, groups, and sections of the platform may not be accessible to Alumni; this includes being able to join groups. 

Please mail for any support needs. 

How to login into My PrincetonU:

Go to

Click the sign-in option in the middle of the screen.


Select the Princeton University Login option, then input your University netID and password on the Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen.



Cannot Find Your Profile:

If you receive a message stating, You logged on your school portal successfully, but we cannot find your profile in CampusGroups.

Please send an email to to request a profile. A confirmation email will be sent by email when the profile request is completed.


To find events:

Click "My PrincetonU Community Hub" on the Select a Hub page. 


Select the event calendar icon on the top menu to browse events.


On the event list view, you can search for events, click an event title for the full event description, or register for an event.


Please mail for any support needs.