SharePoint: How to use My Site to organize information

The Microsoft SharePoint service at Princeton University provides teams with collaboration tools useful for managing projects and communicating with one another. The service is focused primarily on supporting team collaborations rather than on individual users. Although most activity is expected to take place within shared team sites, individual users are also provided with personal My Site accounts.

Individuals can use their My Site to organize information related to various team sites of which they are members and to store a limited amount of personal data. Some of the features available in My Site include:

The amount of storage provided within My Site is relatively small as it is expected most substantial work to be stored within team sites. Individual users are provided with a quota of 100MB of storage within My Site. Those users requiring additional storage for personal data should consider using Google Drive.

Who can use My Site?

Anyone with a University netID can use SharePoint My Site. Simply login to to access your site.