Security: How to set permissions and lock the files on your H: drive

Lock down your Central File Server account securely and completely so that no one has access. Here are the steps:

This script does the following:

For complete security and protection of your Central File Server account, this is the Help Desk recommended method. Important note: If you have set any folder permissions using Windows ACL settings, these will be overwritten by this script.

Windows users can use ACLs to set permissions

Windows computer users can use Access Control Lists (ACLs) on specific folders to set permissions for user access. If you use ACLs, do not use either procedure described above unless you are aware that they will override any permissions you have set with ACLs. On the other hand, if you are having trouble with ACL's and need to reset all your permissions back to default recursively through all your folder and sub-folders, use the Help Desk script option described above. Only Windows computer users can use ACLs on the Central File Server. This method is not available to Macintosh and Unix/Linux computer users.