Canvas: Adding an email alias to your Gradescope account

The following recommendations apply specifically to students who have both recently received an email alias and are enrolled in courses that use the Gradescope online assessment tool.   



Due to an issue with Gradescope's handling of email addresses, students who are enrolled in courses that use Gradescope must take the following steps once they have obtained an email alias to ensure they do not inadvertently create a second Gradescope account.

This action is required to ensure that the email alias is handled properly by Gradescope and that all course enrollments and assignment submissions remain associated with the appropriate Gradescope account.


What is an email alias?

An email alias is an email address that is more user-friendly or readable than the user's original netID-based email address. The email address is referred to as an alias as it is adding an additional name to the account rather than changing the email account address.

For example: Ann Expert was assigned a netID of ae3245and her netID-based email address is Ann can request the email alias (if it is available). After setup, mail sent to either or will be delivered to Ann’s email inbox.

For complete information regarding email aliases at Princeton University, please see KB 1177 University Accounts: Personalized email address (email alias).

Adding a new email address to your Gradescope account.

To add your newly assigned email alias to your Gradescope account

  1. You may access Gradescope from within any Canvas course that has a link to Gradescope in the course navigation menu.  Alternatively, you may visit Princeton University’s Gradescope login page, and log in using your netID and password.

  2. Once inside of Gradescope, click on the Account icon in the lower left corner of the screen and click on “Edit Account” in the menu that appears.

  3. Before taking further action, a password for Gradescope must be established.  (To ensure account security, the Gradescope password should not be the same as the person’s Princeton University netID password.).  

    To establish a password inside of Gradescope, enter a Gradescope password (minimum of 12 characters) in the space provided, re-enter the password in the "Password Confirmation" field, then click the “Save Changes” button to save your password.

    Screenshot of password setting screen in Gradescope

  4. At this point, you will be returned to the Gradescope dashboard.  To add your email alias to Gradescope, click on the Account icon in the lower left corner of the screen and select “Edit Account” from the menu that appears.

  5. Once this page reloads, you will see information regarding your Gradescope account and the email address(es) currently associated with it. 

    1. If your email address has not been confirmed with Gradescope, click on the link to resend the confirmation email, then follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email once it has been received.

  6. After confirming your primary email address, return to Gradescope and click the “Add Email” link to add your new email address to your Gradescope account.

  7. In the pop-up window that appears, enter your Gradescope password and your new email alias in the space provided and click the “Add Email” button.  This will complete the process of associating your new email alias with your Gradescope account.
  8.  If you encounter any issues with this process, please contact for assistance.