Environmental, Health, and Safety Incident Investigations

Immediate First Aid and Serious Conditions

EHS defines an incident as an emergent event that threatened the safety or wellbeing of those involved. Call Public Safety at 911 when an incident occurs on campus. Public Safety will contact EHS if health or safety issues require EHS support for resolution.

Common Incident Types

EHS assists with the resolution of a wide variety of incidents, and the following incident types are most common:

Next Steps

After an incident’s immediate causes are resolved, EHS frequently conducts investigations to identify the factors surrounding the event and recommend corrective actions to prevent similar occurrences. As a witness to an incident, you may be asked to complete an interview as part of an EHS investigation.

EHS investigators avoid any emphasis on attempting to identify someone to blame for the event, as this threatens the credibility and effectiveness of the investigation process. However, this does not mean that relevant oversights, unsafe acts, or acts of omissions on the part of employees, supervisors, or others are ignored.

If an injury occurs, or was narrowly avoided, use the Injury/Near Miss Reporting Form to report it to EHS.

Reporting Hazardous or Unsafe Conditions

Prevention of future incidents relies on reports of hazardous or unsafe conditions to EHS by campus community members. Use the EHS Assistance Form to report a hazard or an unsafe condition to EHS for investigation.