How To Join a Zoom Meeting

How To Join A Zoom Meeting

There are several methods of joining a Zoom Meeting.

Joining another Host’s Zoom Meeting

The simplest way to join a Zoom Meeting that you were invited to is by clicking on the join link within the invite sent out by the host.

From a PC (Windows or Mac)

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Within the invite, there should be details of the Meeting ID, the date, the time, and passcode (if applicable).

By clicking the link within the email invite, it will open up the request to join into the default browser,

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and then open up the Zoom Desktop Client if available.
If the client is not present, you can download the latest version from the join page.

From a Mobile Device (Android or IPhone)

On the Mobile devices, you have the same option of joining via the Zoom Client. You can open the invite and click the join link and it will follow the same steps.
Alternatively, from a Mobile device you can join Audio only by clicking the One Tap Mobile options within the invite. This will call into the audio only bridge for zoom, insert the meeting id automatically as well as any passcode if present.

Joining a Zoom Meeting that you are Hosting

If you have integrated or synced your calendar with Zoom, you will see all your scheduled events and meetings from Outlook, displayed within your Zoom Client, as well as alerts for upcoming ones.

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In either instance you can click the Start button to call into the Zoom Meeting.

Alternatively, you can join the meeting by using the Client directly.
On the Home Tap of the Zoom Desktop Client, you can select the Join Button and enter the Meeting Id and passcode when prompted if applicable.