Status of a Payment/Invoice

Buying & Paying at Princeton

The primary way to buy and pay is through requisitions. A requisition is a request to buy a good or service. Complete requisitions include the supplier, item, quantity, cost, accounting information, and shipping location.  

Purchase Order (PO)

After a requisition is approved in Prime Financials, a PO is generated and sent to the supplier for order fulfillment. At any point during the requisition process, the requisition creator can view the status, as well as access order history, receiving information, matching, invoices, and payments.

Non-Purchase Order (Non-PO)

A non-PO is a request to issue payment to reimburse guest’s travel related expenses, moving and relocation expenses, honoraria, limited engagements, one-time graduate fellowships, prizes/awards, royalties, and government and institutional payments such as permits, taxes, and utilities.

To learn more about non-POs, please enroll in the Non-PO Payment Request training and review related course materials.

How do I check the status of a PO or Non-PO payment?

You can check the status of your payment in Prime Financials through the Procurement WorkCenter and Manage Requisitions. Additionally you can check the status of payments through Information Warehouse reports.

Procurement WorkCenter

The Prime Financials Procurement WorkCenter enables requisition creators and financial managers to monitor their requisitions and purchase orders, as well as Non-PO payment requests.

Navigate to Prime Portal > Procurement WorkCenter > My Work. Select View Payments to view a dashboard of POs, payment status, scheduled/paid date, payment method, and net amount. By default, payments from the last 30 days and all scheduled payments are displayed. To update the time period, click “Advanced Filter” or the filter icon.

Requisition Lifecycle

The requisition lifecycle in Prime Financials allows users to easily access details related to the requisition in one place at varying stages throughout the process. Navigate to Prime Portal  > Procurement WorkCenter > Manage Requisitions.

Click on the icon to view associated activity. An invoice may be viewed by selecting the Invoice icon. The status of a payment for an invoice may be viewed by selecting the payment icon from the requisition lifecycle.

Information Warehouse

The Information Warehouse has two reports that allows you to view the status of an invoice/payment. Navigate to Prime Portal > Reporting.

FIN039- Payables Summary

A consolidated report with numerous attributes that will provide one place to analyze   status of payment processing. Answers questions such as:

FIN041- Payables Detail

Provides line level information for transactions throughout the processing cycle in addition to detailed views of payment method and status. Answers questions such as:

Related Resources

To learn more about Princeton’s Buying and Paying process, including methods outside the requisition process, please visit the Finance & Treasury website.

To learn more, please enroll in Requisition Creator training through the Employee Learning Center and review the related material, Requisitions: Create and Approve (Part 1 of 2) and Purchase Orders: Manage and Pay (Part 2 of 2).