Leaving The University - Unlock Device/Mobile Device Return Policy

Device Unlocking Policy

Verizon’s Device unlocking policy

Devices purchased from Verizon are locked for 60 days from the date of purchase. This policy applies to new and existing customers, and

those porting their service to another carrier.

Please see examples below for more information:

 Devices will be unlocked automatically as long as the following applies:

AT&T’s Device unlocking policy 

AT&T’s unlock policy for corporate accounts states that the user must have completed the two (2) year contract agreement before a device can be unlocked. Requires a 30-day waiting period to unlock, if it was on a 2-year contract that was upgraded early.

Mobile Phone User Device Return Policy

When a Mobile Phone User separates from the University or their department, they may choose to:

Contact the admin in your administrative or academic unit or your SCAD/DCS for more information. 

Department Mobile Device Information

These instructions are intended for the department admin in your administrative or academic unit or your SCAD/DCS.

Spare Devices