Keeping Your Zoom Desktop Client Up-To-Date

Keep your Zoom Desktop Client up-to-date



The Princeton Zoom Admin Team encourages users to stay up to date with the Zoom Client.
You can update the client in two ways.


Checking the Client Version

Within your desktop client, you can check the version that you are currently on.
To do this, on your client click on the Initials or Profile picture in the top right hand corner

and select
Help -> About Zoom

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This will display a window and populate the version that the user is currently on.


Installing the Latest

Download directly and install the current Zoom Client version
Once downloaded, locate the file and run  for install.
If this device requires administrative privileges to update, the support team will be able to update that device when it becomes necessary.

Updating the Latest

You can update from within your client with the following directions:

Open your Zoom Client and click your initials or profile avatar in the top right-hand corner.
From the menu, select Check for Updates.
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It will let you know whether you have the latest version, and if not, prompt you to install it then.



Auto Update

The Princeton Zoom Admin team recommends that all users select the auto update for the Zoom client.

On the Zoom client, open the settings

Under the General section, check the option for Zoom Updates

the Update Channel has two options, Slow or Fast.

Slow will update less frequently and won't always be on the latest version. 
Fast will update more frequently, and will typically be on the latest version.
Note Zoom typically releases a new client every month.



On November 5, 2022, Zoom will be requiring that participants joining Zoom Meetings or Webinars, use a Zoom Client Version that is up-to-date.
Not being up to the latest version of the Zoom Client, may delay your entry into the meeting/webinar.